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Yongyuan Yu
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Jin-Kit Koh
VP Business Development APEC ,Payvision
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Jin-Kit currently heads up business development for Payvision in Asia Pacific. His deep understanding of the Payments business and technologies was gained through professional career in various parts of the Payments’ value chain over the past 20 years with key industry players, including Visa, MasterCard, VeriFone, Merchant Solutions – JV of Standard Chartered Bank & First Data --, GlobalPayments Asia-Pacific – JV of HSBC & GlobalPayments Inc. --, and National Computer Board of Singapore. Over the period, he worked as group Managing Director, Country GM, Regional Sales & Marketing Director, regional program director, technical manager and Engineer.

In the past 6 years, he led 2 Payments companies in Asia through successful turnaround in business, reputation, regulatory risk, and shareholder relations. He also served as an advisor in the Visa Client Council (Acceptance) for AP & CEMEA in 2012-2013, and has been sought by institutions to advice on investment, product innovation, business strategy, as well as rules and regulations specific to the Payments industry in the region.

Jin-Kit is effectively bilingual in Chinese and English. He is currently based in Singapore but lived 5 of the last 10 years in Taiwan and Hong Kong for businesses in the Greater China region. His academic qualifications include Master in Organizational Psychology from City University of New York, and Bachelor of Computer Science (Honors) from University of Manitoba, Canada.

Zhixiang Xie
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Peter Giufre
Managing Director UBI Logistics Australia
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Managing Director,  UBI Logistics Australia
Ian Arnold
Head of International Commerical Startrack International, A division of Australia Post
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Head of International Commerical  Startrack International, A division of Australia Post
Anna Kuzmina
Deputy Chief Commercial Officer, Yandex.Money
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Anna is in charge of Yandex.Money’s international business development, in particular expansion into foreign markets. Having worked for some of Russia’s largest e-commerce companies, including Mail.ru Group and Xsolla, she has a strong expertise in online payments for digital goods, retail, and gaming.

Anna frequently delivers talks at e-commerce events worldwide, shaping global awareness of current trends in e-commerce and payments. She is often asked to contribute to Russian and foreign e-commerce research reports. Anna is particularly knowledgeable about the Russian-Chinese cross-border market; she is both a Chinese-speaking expert, as well as a hands-on manager who has been building bridges between the two e-commerce markets for over a decade.

GuoHua Zhang
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2007-2009年加盟上海福记食品,担任电子商务事业部 总经理 ,完成了对通用电器、intel、上海大众等在内的500强企业客户团购福利市场的电子商务化,实现销售近1亿;




Yakunin Konstantin
Co-Founder & CEO, Express Russian Mail Service
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Yakunin Konstantin is currently Co-founder and CEO of Express Russian Mail Service (ERMS)*. We develop cross-border delivery for the distance-selling companies into the Russian Federation.*Express RMS (www.expressrms.com) services include the transportation of the parcels from the distance-selling companies in Europe, USA, Asia; customs clearance with using lightweight system; delivery of the parcels to individual customers in Russia (directly to the customers or to the nearest Pickup Point) with Notice of Delivery. Our company provides marketing and customer support foreign online stores in Russia.
Jeremie Peiro
CEO & co-founder,Lengow
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Upon completing his studies in multimedia and marketing, Jeremie Peiro went on to hold managing positions in sales and marketing, notably at LeGuide Group, Europe’s leading shopping network present in 14 countries, and Quamedia Group, an international consulting agency specialised in global digital strategies.

Based on his market knowledge and experience with major ecommerce platforms, Mr. Peiro, together with another web-enthusiast Mickael Froger, decided to create Lengow, a user-friendly and efficient SaaS solution to help online retailers easily index, manage and optimise their products on all online distribution channels (marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, retargeting etc.). Launched in 2009, Lengow is today the European leader in feed management. The company has more than 3500 client references and offers over 1500 channels for online retailers worldwide.

Gerhard Pretorius
Lead Cloud Architect,Rackspace
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Gerhard Pretorius is Cloud Architect for Rackspace Asia – building complex cloud and hybrid cloud architecture solutions for prospects and existing customers. His incredible technical knowledge has led him to become a trusted technical adviser to these businesses.

Gerhard has been with Rackspace for 10 years, witnessing first-hand how Cloud computing is transforming technology and helping customers take full advantage. He spent 8 years with Rackspace in London in various infrastructure management and professional services roles where he provided performance and migration consultancy to Rackspace’s Enterprise customers. Gerhard relocated to Hong Kong in 2011 joining Rackspace’s Asia operations.

Sean Huang
Head of Retail,Worldpay
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Sean is Head of Retail at Worldpay. Prior to Worldpay, Sean worked at PayPal for 5 years and Global Collect for a further 2 years. With over 8 years experience in the payments industry working with retailers headquartered in China, Sean has a wealth of knowledge on payment solutions including domestic and international payment types and local acquiring. He is committed to using his expertise to help global retailers increase growth in to new markets whilst reducing their operational


Yuri Popolitov
Development Director,Shopotam.ru
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ShopoTam.ru – это известный сервис, который предлагает посреднические услуги для покупок за рубежом. С помощью Shopotam вы получаете прекрасную возможность совершать покупки на самом популярном аукционе Америки, а также в других онлайн-магазинах разных стран, таких как США, Великобритании, Германии и Китая, не теряя лишнего времени и денежных средств.
David Tsai
GM, Greater China ,Yandex
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蔡学峰 (David Tsai) 与Yandex有更深的历史渊源。自2008年起,他便加入SPB Software (目前已经被Yandex收购)。蔡学峰 (David Tsai) 于一年前转任到Yandex国际业务部门。自一开始,他就透过参加各种不同的活动与展会,积极的建立起Yandex在中国的品牌形象。 他的核心业务在于与国内代理商夥伴建立良好关系以及在各种不同的商业领域中建立合作关系,藉此拓展Yandex在华的广告业务。同时他也負責与Yandex在中国的策略合作夥伴的沟通工作。
Jacky Lu
Founder ,Ningbo Tianmishikong Trade Co.,Ltd
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浙江宁波人,毕业于杭州商学院(现浙江工商大学)。一直在美丽的海滨城市宁波创业,之前从事过:国际空运、国际海运、传统外贸等行业。 2011年12月1日成立甜蜜时空服装品牌公司,主要通过跨境电子商务的模式出口服装。2012年确定公司的主营产品是服装。甜蜜时空的使命是为全世界劳动人民做一件好衣服,专注于把服装跨境电子商务做到极致公司再成立的第三年销售超过1.5亿rmb,并且每年以400%速度增长。

创业感悟: 方向比努力更加重要, 敬畏产品 用全部注意力做好一件让老外惊叹的衣服。

Steven Li
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在跨境电商进出口方面都有丰富的经验, 是多个互联网协会和跨境电商协会的副会长及理事

Carsten Kraus
CEO & Founder,FACT-Finder
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Carsten Kraus is CEO and founder of Omikron Data Quality GmbH and FACT-Finder with the headquarters in Germany.

Before graduating from high school, Carsten founded his first company, where he developed and sold programs for Atari computers. In 1993 Carsten devoted himself to the issue of data quality and founded Omikron Data Quality GmbH. Today Omikron is a leading company in the field of customer and product data quality. In 2001 Carsten created the FACT-Finder division. Meanwhile FACT-Finder is the European market leader for search and navigation in online shops and used internationally in over 1300 shops.

Carsten Kraus, passionate pianist and Go player, is an experienced speaker and author in the field of new technologies. He gave numerous interviews and lectured on topics such as iPad-commerce, semantic search, augmented reality and conversion.

Yang Geng
Yang Geng, Senior Sales Executive, APAC at Skrill
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Yang Geng is a Senior Sales Executive for APAC region at Skrill - a world leading online and mobile payment solution provider. Been studying and working in China, South Korea, France and UK, Yang has over 6 years’ experience in payment and mobile industry. With a Master degree of computer science in South Korea, Yang has worked together with Samsung Electronics on Galaxy S smartphone. After her MBA at INSEEC business school in Paris, Yang has worked closely with Visa, MasterCard, banks and mobile operators on NFC mobile payment as a marketing product manager at Oberthur Technology in France. At Skrill in UK, Yang is helping Asian online merchants expand their business internationally, increase user experience and conversion using Skrill’s global payment solution.    
Artem Pereslavtsev
Commercial Director, Russian Post
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Artem Pereslavtsev is a commercial director of FSUE Russian Post at the Section of parcel delivery and express services. He is responsible for the development of both domestic and international delivery services. Previously Artem held a position of the Director of International Business Development at SPSR-EXPRESS and was in charge of developing international B2C services, providing all-round solutions for most famous e-commerce players.


Luis S. Galan
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Luis S. Galan Lozano CEO,  2 Open Digital Business & Ecommerce Trading www.2open.biz Master in Business Administration. China Europe International Business School (Shanghai) Master in Information Systems. IE Business School (Madrid) Over 11 years of experience in digital business development in different countries such as UK, France, Germany and Spain. Worked for eBay and PRISA, the largest Spanish language media group worldwide before landing into China. 2 Open is the leading company in marketing and ecommerce services from Spain.
Alex Vassiliev
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Alex Vassiliev, Advisor to CEO on Business Development has an extensive experience in express delivery business both in Russian and International companies. Alex has previously served as country CEO of Aktif Ileti in Russia - one of the pioneering credit cards distribution companies in Europe. Prior to that he was serving as VP, International Business Development for the leading Russian retailers: LEFUTUR and Expedition
Victoria Pryakhina
Head of eCommerce Retail,QIWI Group
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Victoria has over 8 year of business development, sales and marketing experience in leadership roles in different companies. She joined QIWI as an International Business development manager in April 2013, and a year after she headed the eCommerce retail direction. Before joining QIWI Group she was Business development manager at Moscow based CineSoft company (Pproject management solution, start-up) where she designed and managed the entire process of sales. Victoria began her career in sales department at a Russian game developer and publisher Buka Entertainment where she served in different roles starting as Account manager in 2003 to Head of International licensing in 2009.

Victoria graduated from International Independent University of Ecological and Political Studies in Moscow and has a major degree in financial management.

Tom Forbes
Vice President,MetaPack
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Originally at MetaPack from 2000-3, Tom rejoined in January 2014. He is responsible for MetaPack’s International activities with a specific focus on leveraging and enhancing MetaPack’s Global Label Library through which 200 carriers and 3,500 services can be accessed. Tom has over 20 years of experience in international operations, most recently as Global Vice President Supply Chain and Procurement with Ideal Standard International based in Brussels and as Vice President International Supply Chain with DHL based in Hong Kong.
Adrien Henni
Co-founder&CEO,East-West Digital News
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Adrien Henni is co-founder of East-West Digital News (EWDN.COM), the leading international resource on digital industries in Eastern Europe, and lead author of authoritative reports on Russian e-commerce. With 15 years of experience in the high-tech and venture businesses in France, Russia and Ukraine, he advises a variety of funds, startups and other organizations. Follow Adrien on Twitter @adrien7105.
Kino Kwok
GM, PayEase
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Mr. Kwok is currently serving as the GM with PayEase.  PayEase was the first payment service provider serving the China eCommerce industry since 1998.  Under the supervision of Mr. Kwok, PayEase has been providing the local eCommerce merchants with stable and secured payment services to meet the demanding requirements derived from the rapidly growing eCommerce industry in China.  PayEase has also been serving many fortune 500 global merchants in establishing their eCommerce businesses in China by providing customized comprehensive and stable payment services to the global merchants.

Prior to joining PayEase, Mr. Kwok was the CTO of the Hong Kong listed company iAsia Technology Ltd. which was specializing in the provision of online financial trading systems for financial institutions in Asia.  Prior to iAsia, Mr. Kwok had have extensive IT experiences in various areas including project management, business development, management consultant, software development, system integration etc. across cities and countries in the region including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

Chunjing Mao
Director of Smarter Commerce Strategy, IBM
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毛春景先生长期致力于电子商务平台的开发,有十余年的电子商务软件开发实施和市场经验。自2000至2004年,参与领导IBM电子商务平台WebSphere Commerce在中国的研发工作,对电子商务在国外的应用、系统建设、客户市场有独到的认识。





Igor Subow
Head of the Postal Logistics Committee , NAMO
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Igor Subow is Experienced Logistics Executive involved in different logistics projects for distance selling in Russia and Ukraine, 

and the Head of the Postal Logistics Committee of the Russian National Association of Mail Order and Distance Selling Trade. 

He graduated from Hogeschool van Utrecht in Netherlands and from Carlson School of Management in USA. Igor has 15  years experience in leading positions in international postal business. He worked for DHL Global Mail (Germany), Austrian Post 

(Austria), Integer (Poland), Aktif Ileti (Turkey), Rosan (Ukraine), Mir Knigi & QIWIPost (Russia).

Richard Li
Vice President,sf-express.com
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Graduated from University of Wollongong Australia with Master degree of Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Richard Li

is seasoned and enthusiastic in Cross Border E-commerce Supply Chain and Services, whose expertise has added value to a diversity of organizations across a number of industries. He now is in charging SF Express Global E-Commerce Service Business Unit as Vice President.

Rolf Visser
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Rolf Visser, Vice President Global Marketing at Payvision, is the mastermind behind the CBEC (Cross Border Ecommerce Community), a strategic cross-border knowledge hub for the e-commerce industry. Rolf drives a global marketing strategy at Payvision focused on online awareness, social media engagement, and thought leadership.

Rolf is a graduate in Digital Internet Marketing with Highest Honors from Beeckestijn Business School at VU University of Amsterdam, with 12 years’ experience in the retail POS industry prior to 12 further years’ experience in international marketing. In the last six years his work has been in the payment industry, formerly as Head of Global Digital Online Marketing at GlobalCollect before Payvision. Rolf has a forward thinking marketing vision, by introducing multichannel inbound marketing techniques and an award-winning business model, he has generated sales, growth, profits, and visibility at Payvision.

Peter Pronk
CEO, Beijing 1421 Consulting Group
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Marcel Rakowski
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Jacco Bouw
CEO, WebPower
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